The second required course in the reading sequence for ALL IN ONE-BENIN learners in a sequence of 2 hours a week courses. Students continues the teaching of academic reading of American English begun in the first course. Emphasis on intermediate college skills required for success in content courses, including vocabulary development, critical thinking, paragraph and essay comprehension, textbook and media analysis, test- and note-taking, and dictionary use. 

Prerequisite : Placement Test or a Grade of 80% for (RC102) 

Duration of the class: 12 hours total (20 min twice a week of reading + 02 quizzes + 02 exams) 

Course Outcomes :  Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: Apply a variety of study skills, which may include outlining, using graphic organizers, following directions, note taking, test-taking strategies, mnemonics, and paraphrasing. Demonstrate mastery of targeted academic vocabulary. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary in context using a variety of strategies in order to comprehend text. Explain and use collocations and idiomatic expressions. Explain the relationships within and between sentences and paragraphs in a variety of text types and possibly in a variety of media. Identify stated and implied main ideas, major and minor supporting details, and patterns of organization. Summarize reading passages using paraphrasing.

Emphasizes the development and use of language skills necessary for understanding others and expressing oneself orally in American English in academic, professional, and social contexts. The course includes vocabulary development, practice with appropriate language structures, and discussion of important aspects of cross-cultural communication. Students in Business english would also be required to complete the Business Assignments as indicated with BE.

Prerequisite : Placement Test or a Grade of 80% for (LS101)

Duration of the Class : 20 hours lecture and practice. 02 quizzes and 02 exams and Additional individual practices.

Course Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental competency in academic listening and note-taking.

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of targeted American English idioms and academic vocabulary.

  • Demonstrate control of basic structures of spoken English grammar.

  • Participate effectively in class as group members and presenters.

  • Present organized spoken discourse on a given topic.

  • Recognize rules of appropriate academic and professional interaction.

  • Use communication strategies in collaborative contexts.